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Type Continent
Location Central Lezaria
Major cities Scalyr, Fendarlai, Hrackston, Westraldine, Port Fins
Population 80 million
Demographics 67% human, 25% elf, 6% tepper, 2% other


Kalor is the second largest of Lezaria's three continents. The equator runs south of Kalor off its southern shores in the Sea of Stars. North of Kalor lies the Mirandarine Ocean.

The largest country in Kalor is Hannaderres, which makes up much of the central land area. On the northern side of Kalor, the peninsula of Doralis juts out into the Mirandarine Ocean east of the Bay of Scalyr, and the island country of Unar lies to the west. The eastern part of Kalor is primarily made up of Hluseenia, also known as Riverland, which is primarily inhabited by dragons. Southern Kalor consists of Hlaya and West Hluseenia. Western Kalor contains Rascalanse, Flyland, and the Windrider nation of Dalizar.


2164 AD - Two of the three colony sleeper ships land in Kalor, in Doralis and Unar.
c. 1600 LY - The Albrynnian Empire collapses, sending numerous refugees to Kalor to found the nation of Hlaya.
2303 - Dalizar is founded by the Windriders.
3992 - The Jerekhani sails and discovers Kalor.

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