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Various different naming conventions have been used in the different worlds throughout the years. Most of them involve an individual name and a family name, although not all of them.

Lezaria (General)

[Given name] [Family name]

Most Lezarians have two names. First their given name, then their family name, which is passed down from the father. Middle or extra names are very rare. Bastards of unmarried mothers typically take the last name of their mother rather than their illegitimate father.


  • Keolah Kedaire
  • Telkarnith Chelseer
  • Delven Thrack

    Lezaria (Windriders)

    [Given name], of the House of [House name]
    [Given name], [son/daughter] of [Parent name]
    [Given name] the [Title]

    Windriders, obsessed with family and lineage, have much more complex naming conventions than most Lezarians. Order of birth is of primary importance in determining family lines and which parent's house name a child takes. Generally, the children take the house name of the parent with a higher precedence in birth order. Hence, for example, if a second-born woman marries a third-born man, the children will take the name of the mother.

    Windriders, in practice, rarely use their house names as simple surnames, however. Informally, only given names are used. Formally, they will introduce themselves as members of their house, by the name of one of their parents, or by their title. Many Windriders have titles as such, awarded for deeds of valor, skill, and wisdom.


  • Silver, of the House of Renneck
  • Perrin, son of Terace
  • Elen the Excellent

    Seven Planes

    [Given name] [Father's last name] [Mother's last name]

    In the Seven Planes, each person has three names. First their given name, then the last name of their father, then the last name of their mother. When abbreviated, the second, father's, name is typically the one omitted, although some individuals prefer to omit the mother's name instead.


  • Azale Riftgazer Shadowhand
  • Lomolen Winddrifter Shadowhand
  • Aviel Tintallia Sunmoss


    [Given name] [Year name] [House name]

    Til'dari generally possess three names. First a given name, then a name given to all children born in a particular year, then their house name. Children will lack a house name if their parentage is unknown or unacknowledged, but will always have a year name.


  • Vistri Lenoreth Antaves
  • Korren Bienir
  • Lantara Minthor Enores


    [Given name] [Chosen name] [House name] [Clan name]

    On the remote world of Tirdana, individuals possess four names. First the given name, then a nickname chosen by the individual later in life, then their house name, then their clan name. Descent of houses and clans appears to be matrilineal.


  • Streyka Wilder Chelseer Dragonblood
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