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Birth name Rettah Eiram
Also known as Dragonfly
Race Human (Werewolf)
Appearance 5'2, fair skin, dark blond hair, hazel eyes
Abilities Fire, Seeking


4332 - Rettah is born in Sotysland, Anda, Terra, under the gibbous moon.
4354 - Rettah is held prisoner by the vampire Enrique. (To Tame a Wolf)
4866 LY/2172 AD - Rettah visits the World of Darkness.
2172 - Rettah decides to be a Glass Walker and takes the name Dragonfly.
2172 - Dragonfly becomes a metamorph.
2173 - Dragonfly gives birth to William, whose "father" is Nightsong.
2177 - Rettah is outcast from shapeshifter society and has her name stripped from her.

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