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Timekeeping in the Elkandu Universe is a complex subject. Up until the opening of the Intergalactic Bridge, there were three primary calendars used mainly at different points in time, none of them in sync with one another.

The first real calendar that arose in the universe was the Til'dari calendar, also carried on by the Vel'dari and El'dari without break. This calendar is based off the Til'raine year, which had 225 days of 20 hours each (4500 hours long), and hence the years were considerably shorter than those of later calendars. As Til'dari lifespans could range into thousands of years, their years were of little individual consequence to them. The primary divisions in their calendar are 10,000-year long Ages, each of which has a unique name.

The second major calendar(s) used are the Earth calendars, based around a year of (give or take) 365 days of 24 hours long (8760 hours long). Outside of Earth, this calendar is continued to be carried out by the colonists in the Sigma Sector of space, despite being long divorced from any connection to Earth itself in the intervening time period.

The third and primary calendar used in the Elkandu universe in recent years is the Lezarian calendar, of 336 days of 28 hours long (9408 hours long). This calendar was also used in Torn Elkandu, and extensively across the Seven Planes and other worlds by the Elkandu.

Year Length Calculations
Earth Lezaria Til'raine
Earth 100% 93.1% 194.6%
Lezaria 107.4% 100% 209%
Til'raine 51.3% 47.8% 100%

Earth Lezaria Til'raine Event
2148 AD 5038 BLY 8122 Frenzied Rat Lezaria colonized
7560 AD 1 LY 8653 Dark Storms Wizard's Guild created
12,785 AD 4865 LY 7361 Breaking Light Interdimensional Bridge opened

Universe reference dates
Universe Year Calendar
Elkandu 4865 LY Lezaria
Karzan 3022 AD Earth
Pandora 2505 AD Earth
World of Darkness 2171 AD Earth

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