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Birth name Vistri Lenoreth Antaves
Race Til'dari
Appearance 6'8, fair skin, blond hair, blue eyes, third eye in forehead
Abilities Time, Seeking, Illusion, etc


Vistri is the last known survivor of the Til'dari people. Although the El'dari are technically the same species, the Til'dari placed high value in the time and place of one's birth, and so only those actually born on Til'raine are Til'dari. As Til'raine has been destroyed, there will be no more Til'dari. Vistri was born a mutant, already an outcast among his people, with an extra eye in the center of his forehead. He went on to be greatly influential in history, when he appeared in it.


1605 Monkey Ascendant - Vistri is born on Til'raine. (Three Eyes)
1643 Monkey Ascendant - Vistri visits the palace. (A Hope for Mutants)
2404 AD - Vistri gives Harmony a magical key. (Key to Harmony)
4865 LY - Vistri returns to the Elkandu Universe.
4866 - Vistri becomes a vampire.

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