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May 22 We have moved to a new site.
New story uploaded: Midwinter Dance
Apr 5 Old stories uploaded: Earth Conquest, House of Cockroach
Apr 4 Site renamed to Trayziak Tatalyar, expanded to encompass multiple universes.
Added Timelines page.
New story uploaded: A Hope for Mutants
Apr 2 Added Timekeeping and Naming Conventions.
Old stories uploaded: Tainted Lands, The Council of Nations, The New Alliance, Sentara the Peacemaker
Apr 1 New story uploaded: Key to Harmony
Old stories uploaded: Three Eyes, Moonlit Ritual, Hollow Truth, The Irritated Mensch


Sep 11 New story uploaded: Family Kudzu
Sep 1 New story uploaded: Predators
Aug 30 Added Tropes page.
Aug 28 Added Jargon page.
New story uploaded: Silver Spoon
Aug 17 New story uploaded: Love and Marriage
Aug 16 New story uploaded: Wolf Friend
Aug 14 You may have noticed that the site that was in this spot has apparently disappeared. Or probably not, as I doubt anyone has actually been paying all that much attention anyway. But regardless, not to panic! My site has not been hacked or anything. I've just decided to clean out a lot of the old garbage and put up a brand new clean site for the Elkandu reimagining. Because frankly, most of that stuff sucked anyway.

Stories uploaded: The Fevered Winter, Spirit Horse, To Tame a Wolf

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