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Capital Tinemocun
Gravity 1.4 G's
Sun bright yellow Yallia (Tau Ceti)
Moons large silver Thondorron, small green Halladan
Population 300 million
Demographics 60% elf, 23% human, 17% other


Lezaria consists of three primary continents. The largest continent is Zarhanna, in the north. The second largest is Kalor, just north of the equator. The smallest of the three continents is Albrynnia, to the south. There are also two major island chains, the Sunrise Islands in the east and Domgad-Festig in the west.

The ocean separating Zarhanna from Kalor is called the Mirandarine Ocean. The ocean between Kalor and Albrynnia is known as the Sea of Stars.

The longest river is the Great Hluseena, on Kalor. The tallest mountain is Mount Daggerblade, in eastern Zarhanna.


c. 50,000 BC - Aliens attack the El'dari world of Silthor (later known as Lezaria). The El'dari who survive hide from notice by placing their souls in giant trees.
2148 AD - The colony ship Kyoto arrives on Lezaria.
2164 - Three slower colony ships arrive later and something goes terribly wrong. Many colonists from the latter ships are killed, and the remainder suffer from amnesia due to something wrong with their cryogenics units.
2408 - Harmony, Swamp, and Amanda start creating various races.
1 LY - The Wizard's Guild is founded.
1120 - The Elven Council is created.
1590 - Sardill destroys the Wizard's Guild.
c. 1600 - The Albrynnian Empire collapses.
2260 - The Windriders are created.
2345 - Tinemocun is founded.
2350 - The First Council of Races is held at Tinemocun.
4866 - The El'dari in the cherry trees are awakened.

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