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This site details the history, characters, and worlds of the Trayziak Tatalyar multiverse, consisting of the universes of the Elkandu, Karzan, Pandora, Rune, and others. These were created by Heather Dunn, also known as Keolah, with contributions from others primarily in the form of roleplaying. All things mentioned within this site will be considered canon for the Trayziak Tatalyar. Note, however, that some aspects of the universe are in a state of flux, and the timeline may still incur some changes as the revisions are worked out.

This represents the current revision of the Trayziak Multiverse, as reimagined in the summer of 2009 following the falling of the Hammer of Retcon upon the parts of the Elkandu's history and universe that were created when Keolah was a teenager and deemed just too terrible or stupid to allow.

Originally the site was intended solely to encompass the Elkandu Universe and its history, but as it has had quite a bit of contact with other universes, especially in later years, it was decided to expand this to the entire Trayziak Multiverse in the spring of 2010.


The Elkandu Universe was created on March 3, 1993, when Keolah started writing her first novel, Quest for the Rings, set on the world of Lezaria. Seeing as she was twelve at the time, said novel was absolutely terrible, but it got the ball rolling. Further novels followed, some of which actually got finished. Silver Flames was a prequel written in 1995. Then came Journey Through Darkness, a sequel, written in 1996. Daggerblade was written sometime during this period, set in the world of Tenlands, which was later absorbed into the Elkandu Universe. There were also more unfinished and abandoned scraps of text of various lengths than she ever cared to count.

When she got to high school in 1994, Keolah had dragged her friends into things, and they contributed their own ideas to the mix and started some roleplaying involving the Elkandu. She's not certain just how many of these ideas actually made it into the current revision, aside from crediting Xeentar with the idea of the world of Glassandia. A few characters were also loosely based off people she had known in school, but you'd never notice.

A few of the partial novels managed more than a few pages before being abandoned. The Seven Moons of Cynex, set in the distant Sigma Sector, a science fiction region nominally part of the Elkandu Universe. Mist Wanderer, which covered numerous places, was about mistlings from the world of Hasaris. There was also an untitled partial novel involving the early life of the dragon Scregor.

The roleplaying kicked off more in 1999, with the creation of the mud, Rogue Winds, based off the ResortMUD engine, a derivative of SMAUG. The mud attempted to represent the Elkandu Universe as accurately as possible within the constraints of a mud, with varying degrees of success. Many of the things which were devised during the time Rogue Winds was in operation shaped the Elkandu Universe. Notably, Arilyn is credited with the world of Edron, the joint creation of the teppers, and several characters of importance.

Four short-lived muds succeeded Rogue Winds: The Planar Wars (a GodWars mud which only lasted for two months), Serriyan Dreams, Planar Dominance (both of which were based off the same fully custom engine), and ElkanduMUD (another SMAUG-based mud). Dream is credited with the joint creation of the world of Serriya, as well as a few characters of note, and long hours of late night speculation and discussion on the universe and plots.

Keolah joined NaNoWriMo in 2003, producing the first complete Elkandu novel in years: Soul Bonds. The roleplaying aspects of the Elkandu Universe had primarily moved to ICQ and later IRC by the decline of Rogue Winds, however, where they were to remain.

Keolah's 2005 nano novel was also partially set in the Elkandu Universe, but we do not speak of that.

In 2006, Talis joined the roleplaying scene, and is now the primarily co-creator of the universe along with Keolah. Another novel nominally set in the Elkandu Universe was written at that year's NaNoWriMo: The Broken Moon.

In June of 2009, Keolah decided to revisit the history of the Elkandu and work out some things better with some retcons in mind, in particular focusing on the historical figure, Telkarnith Chelseer. By August, however, this had turned into a full revisioning of the entire history, due to how much of a mess the history was and how much it was bothering her. This is the state of the universe as it currently stands.

Older Works

Completed novels:

  • Quest for the Rings
  • Silver Flames
  • Journey Through Darkness
  • Daggerblade
  • Soul Bonds
  • The Broken Moon

    Partial novels:

  • The Seven Moons of Cynex
  • Mist Wanderer
  • The Journeys of Crazy Woman and Dawning Blade
  • untitled novel about a dragon
  • untitled novel about the zephyli

    Completed short stories:

  • "Sedder's Exile"
  • "Seeds of Doubt"
  • "Transformations"
  • "The Unlucky Crew of the Pelamar"
  • "A Prophecy and a Portal"
  • "Through the Wall"
  • "Visions of Freedom"
  • "The Unwanted Gift"
  • "Rain of Stones"
  • "Twenty Stones"

    Notably, the locations on which some of these stories took place were not originally considered part of the Elkandu Universe, but were later absorbed into it.

    The previous Elkandu novels and stories will not be available for reading here until and unless they are revised, editted, or rewritten. As they are very old and written by a teenage Keolah, they are not particularly good as a whole, and many of the events described within may or may not be considered canon any longer. However, should she decide to revise or rewrite them, they will be uploaded again.

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