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Birth name Telkarnith Chelseer
Race Elf (Wood Elf, Dragonblood)
Appearance 5'10, black hair, blue eyes
Abilities Healing, Telepathy
Family Zarnith III (father), Tevriel (mother)
Kior (brother), Kaymellor (sister), Thalayal (wife), Donna (lover)
Shaznith (son), Sarril (bastard son)


4196 - Telkarnith is born in Wishingsdale, Rascalanse, Lezaria.
4210 - Illness strikes Telkarnith's family. Telkarnith inherits the Zarnith. (The Fevered Winter)
4210 - Telkarnith learns about shamanism. He makes a pact with the horse god Redger. (Spirit Horse)
4213 - Telkarnith befriends the snow wolf Helkhar. (Wolf Friend)
4214 - Telkarnith marries Thalayal in an arranged marriage. (Love and Marriage)
4215 - Telkarnith learns that Helkhar is a werewolf. (Silver Spoon)
4215 - Telkarnith is hunted. (Predators)
4215 - Thalayal gives birth to Telkarnith's firstborn son, Shaznith. (Family Kudzu)
4218 - Donna gives birth to Telkarnith's bastard son, Sarril.
4225 - Telkarnith's lover, Donna, is turned into a vampire by Vadrak.
4232 - Telkarnith is slain by Vadrak in Westraldine, Unar, Lezaria.

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