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Birth name Zarnith Chelseer
Race Formerly Elf (Wood Elf, Dragonblood)
Appearance Runed sword
Family Khasabrintas (father)


3051 - Zarnith is born in Dorgada, Kedresida, Lezaria.
3102 - Zarnith forges a powerful magical sword, trapping his own soul within the blade.
3752 - Tahnmilot saves Dorgada from a flood using the Zarnith.
4210 - Zarnith passes to Telkarnith. (The Fevered Winter)
4210 - Telkarnith learns about shamanism. (Spirit Horse)
4213 - Telkarnith befriends the snow wolf Helkhar. (Wolf Friend)
4232 - Zarnith passes to Shaznith.
4867 - Zarnith passes to Kosuke.

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