Trayziak Location


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Type Country
Location Western Kalor
Towns Eddinburrow, Lolonder, Ordenburg, Wishingsdale
Population 5,000
Demographics 80% human, 20% elf


A small, lush valley located between the coastal hills separating it from Hlaya to the south, the Thorndelle Mountains separating it from Hannaderres to the east, the Reh'Tains (an offshoot of the Thorndelles) forming the border between Flyland to the north, and the Dreawk Cliffs (also called the Cliffs of Sky) to the west.


4196 - Telkarnith is born in Wishingsdale.
4210 - A long winter brings a terrible illness to Wishingsdale. (The Fevered Winter)
4214 - Telkarnith marries Thalayal in an arranged marriage. (Love and Marriage)
4215 - Shaznith is born in Wishingsdale. (Family Kudzu)
4306 - Hawthorne is born in Wishingsdale.
4318 - Keolah and her family take up residence in Ordenburg.

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