Trayziak Location


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Type Town
Location Eastern Rascalanse
Population 1,000
Demographics 60% human, 40% elf


A small village in a valley near the Thorndelle Mountains, notable primarily as the home of the primary branch of the Chelseer family. The villagers primarily farm and raise sheep, although the Chelseers maintain a significant stable for horse breeding.


4196 - Telkarnith is born.
4199 - Kior is born.
4203 - Kaymellor is born.
4210 - A long winter brings a terrible illness to the village. (The Fevered Winter)
4214 - Telkarnith marries Thalayal in an arranged marriage. (Love and Marriage)
4215 - Shaznith is born. (Family Kudzu)
4306 - Hawthorne is born.

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